Tuesday, March 25, 2014

SME's Stand Their Ground to Get the Loan

Terrific piece on SME lending in yesterday's Irish Independent. 

More than half of all lending decisions appealed to the Credit Review Office by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are overturned. This is a good lesson for SME's to be persistent in the face of rejection. SME's that can show confidence in their business prospects and demonstrate a creditworthiness can turn a negative decision into a green light. The key to this happy reversal of fortune is being able to provide evidence of creditworthiness and present a business plan that will use the loan capital wisely to produce profitable business growth. 

The Credit Review Office was set up to make sure that loan applications by SME's received fair consideration by lenders. The EU banking sector was severely effected by the global credit crisis. The EC "PIGS" (Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain) were especially hard hit. 

When the credit bubble popped, asset valuations dropped like a rock. The good fortune of SME's evaporated as the drivers of their prosperity,real estate, construction and service sectors crashed.

SME's were confronted with two immense business challenges. The first was creating a business that could adapt to a drastically changed business environment. The other was to convince lenders in a capital constrained economy that they were a good credit risk and that their business plan will generate sufficient returns to grow the business and pay off the loan.

Credit|Redi is a tool that demonstrates an SME's creditworthiness to lenders and capital providers. Credit|Redi generates a Z Score credit rating and in-depth financial analysis reports to spot strengths and weaknesses in the company's financial health. Credit|Redi also provides a series of enterprise assessment applications to review problem areas and determine opportunities for business growth to build a bullet proof business plan that wins the confidence of lenders. 

If your business has been turned down for a loan don't give up.

Get Credit|Redi on Google Play here. Get Credit|Redi

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