Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Credit|Redi App Published

Sum2 is pleased to announce the publication of Credit|Redi Android app.

Credit|Redi combines the analytic power of the Profit|Optimizer and CreditAides Z Score report services.

Credit|Redi combines the best of quantitative and qualitative risk metrics. Users will gain in depth insights into the risk and opportunities present within the company's business model and financial structure.

Need a loan?
Trying to raise capital?
Need an accepted industry standard credit rating to demonstrate creditworthiness?
Need to develop a compelling business plan for investors and bankers?

Credit|Redi is a credit decision and financial health analysis tool. It generates a Z Score credit rating for Small Mid-Sized Business Enterprises (SME). It demonstrates creditworthiness to lenders and capital providers. It offers assessment tools to address risk factors present in the company's business and determines optimized capital allocation strategies to fund expansion.

Credit|Redi creates an in depth financial health assessment ranging from two to five periods. Users define data points of monthly, quarterly or annual periodicities to determine financial health trend analysis.

Credit|Redi offers users a complete series of business assessment apps to spot risks, opportunities for improvement and the capital needed to improve profitability and growth. Credit|Redi facilitates winning business plan to win the confidence lenders.

Credit|Redi supports all global accounting conventions and currencies.

SME Credit Risk
The global credit crisis and Great Recession has devastated the SME sector. Securing capital from lenders and investors is a big challenge for SMEs. Credit rating quality forms the basis for decisions lenders make about your company. Managing your business to improve your credit score enhances creditworthiness and increases your ability to raise capital.   A good credit score determines:

How much business credit a supplier will extend to you
What interest rates you will pay
How much money lending institutions will loan you
How your customers view you
What your insurance premiums will be
The level of potential investor interest

Credit|Redi App Features:
Z Score Credit Rating and Financial Health Assessment Report, Three Sets of Performance Dashboards, Self Assessment Scoring Methodology, Calculation of Capital Requirements Budget and Enterprise View of Aggregated Risk

Credit Rating and Financial Health Assessment Report:
Credit Score Calculation and full set of financial assessment reports to determine credit rating, balance sheet and income statement stress factors.

Report Package Includes:
Z Score Credit Assessments
Income Statements
Balance Sheets
Equity Reconciliation
Cash (Funds) Flow
Source and Application of Funds
Key Metrics / KPI's

Assessment Applications:
Product and Market Dynamics
Business Function & Operations
Critical Success Factors
Risk Assessment Matrix
Macroeconomic Events
Product and Market Dynamics Assessment:
Product Risk / Customer Risk / Supply Chain / Competition / Market Dynamics

Business Function Assessment:
Operations / IT / HR / Facilities / Sales & Marketing / Management / Accounting,

Critical Success Factors:
Risk Assessment Matrix / Business Ratio / Business Plan Checklist / Macroeconomic Risk

ROI calculator, 40 Page PDF workbook.

Loan Applications
Workout Planning Program
Initial Survey for New CEO
Preparation for Capital Raise
Credit Extension / Default Mitigation
Board of Directors Presentation
Shareholder Communications
Management Team Building
Risk Management Program
Strategic Alliance / Merger Review
Capital Allocation / ROI Assessment

Users Include: Small midsize business owners, CFOs, controllers, C Level managers, commercial loan specialists, bankers, credit unions, workout specialists, alternative finance providers, IT managers, HR consultants, sales managers, facilities managers, CPA’s, private equity firms, business coaches, due diligence professionals

Sum2 partners with Credit|Aides to generate financial health assessment reports.

System Requirements: App directs users to Dropbox site to download zip file. Zip file contains MS Excel Assessment Apps and PDF input form for Z Score Financial Health Assessment Report Server. Android users require Mobile Office, PDF Reader and Zip File Manager.

Credit|Redi is a tool that demonstrates an SME's creditworthiness to lenders and capital providers. Credit|Redi generates a Z Score credit rating and in-depth financial analysis reports to spot strengths and weaknesses in the company's financial health. Credit|Redi also provides a series of enterprise assessment applications to review problem areas and determine opportunities for business growth to build a bullet proof business plan that wins the confidence of lenders. 

If your business has been turned down for a loan don't give up.

Get Credit|Redi on Google Play here. Get Credit|Redi

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